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At Wheelhouse College, we live and breathe adventure sports. Our product creators and online educators aren’t just experts in their fields, they're also avid participants in action and adventure sport communities.


With our industry-leading programs driven by our passionate, no-nonsense trainers, Wheelhouse College can help you build expertise and professionalism across your entire team. Subscribe to one of our all-staff industry specific training products and start affecting a measurable, positive impact on the bottom line today.

160+ Courses

With courses designed to build expertise in every department of adventure and action sports retailers, Wheelhouse training products provide an industry defining whole-dealership approach to developing profitable businesses.

590+ Lessons

Our courses are filled with actionable information delivered by entertaining expert trainers in concise, memorable lessons. Whether you're looking to sell more products, or to build long-lasting customer relationships, you'll find what you're looking for in our expansive content library.

2150+ Active Students

From sales staff to service managers, Wheelhouse has helped thousands of students find satisfaction in their careers, deliver expert customer service, and enhance their contribution to the success of their companies.

Industry-Focused Training Products

Not every retail sales environment is the same, even within the action and adventure sports domain. While powersports, watersports, and bicycle shops all operate in a want-based setting, the physical products you sell—and frequently the customers who buy them—can be remarkably different. That’s why we’ve created individual products to speak to the distinct environments of multiple industries. Whether you subscribe to Sam’s Garage for your motorcycle dealership, or Sam’s Dock for your marine shop, you’ll find the same passionate delivery of expert insights and genuine enthusiasm for action sports. Each product delivers uniquee content focused on your industry and products and situations you’ll recognize, ensuring a deep resonance with your trainees and a lasting impact on the success of your business.

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Sam's Garage

Focused exclusively on dealership training within the powersports industry, the Sam’s Garage training product invites students from every level of experience to build expertise in their department and in their career. Trainer Sam Dantzler passionately infuses relationship-based training with effective, useful systems and tools designed to cultivate the highest levels of success for your powersports dealership.

Get started for as little as $300/month Subscribe to Sam's Garage

You can configure your subscription to meet the needs of your organization with a single subscription serving any number of locations. Pick the number of people you want to train and only pay for what you need.

“The training video already helped my Service Manager upsell $500 more on a WO after the first video series. Thanks!”

-Brett Tekavec, Queen City Harley-Davidson
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Sam's Garage

Whole-Dealership Training for the Powersports Industry.

In this expansive series of video lessons, Sam Dantzler delivers insight and industry knowledge in his trademark no-nonsense charismatic teaching style. With lessons rooted in storytelling and conveyed through Sam’s boundless enthusiasm, student engagement is heightened and a surprisingly simple path to a profitable business is clearly revealed.

With a subscription to Sam's Garage you'll have access to:

  • Finance and Insurance Dept Training (11 courses)
  • Marketing and Administrator Training (9 courses)
  • Parts and Accessories Dept Training (17 courses)
  • Sales Dept Training (27 courses)
  • Service Dept Training (22 courses)
  • Management Training (10 courses)
  • 60+ useful downloadable documents and spreadsheets
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Sam's Dock

This is the training program the watersports retail industry has been waiting for. Sam Dantzler brings to bear his deep knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to deliver relationship-centered personnel training for every member of your dealership team. With dozens of lessons focused on cultivating a positive company culture and creating systems and behaviors to drive employee retention, Sam's Dock goes way beyond simple sales training to provide a robust and easy to follow path to business profitability.

Get started for as little as $300/month Subscribe to Sam's Dock

You can configure your subscription to meet the needs of your organization with a single subscription serving any number of locations. Pick the number of people you want to train and only pay for what you need.

“Sam’s turned on the light bulbs in my head that have dimmed over the years. You have given me some seeds to take my level of service up several notches. You have reaffirmed for me the Greeting is the start of all relationships. You rock!!! Thanks again.”

-Trevor Hardy, Legendary Marine
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Sam's Dock

Whole-Dealership Training for the Watersports Industry.

Since its initial release in 2015 Sam’s Dock has expanded significantly beyond the sales department to provide relationship-centered training for service, parts, and finance departments, as well as courses for administrators and managers. In this robust series of courses and lessons, you’ll learn how to connect with customers on a personal level to drive measurable sales, create life-long customer relationships, build a work environment that your employees will love, and much more.

With a subscription to Sam's Dock you'll have access to:

  • Finance and Insurance Dept Training (5 courses)
  • Marketing and Administrator Training (2 courses)
  • P&A/ProShop Dept Training (5 courses)
  • Sales Dept Training (10 courses)
  • Service Dept Training (9 courses)
  • Management Training (7 courses)
business people making sure things are in compliance

Powersports Dealership Compliance

This training series provides a single destination for industry-specific information, tools, and guidance to keep your powersports dealership compliant with an ever-evolving list of federal regulations. In a collection of video lessons, Compliance expert Steve Dodds navigates the complexities of the federal regulations that apply across dealership departments. Powersports Dealership Compliance training is designed to help protect your business by providing Compliance Manager certification and progressive updates on changes to industry regulations.

Earn a Certification for $1000 Subscribe to Dealership Compliance

Subscription allows for certification for one individual. Stay up to date with changing regulations through continued access for 100$/month after the first month.

"Compliance training is like a helmet. Not everyone wears one when they ride, but you sure do wish you had one on when you need it."

- Steve Dodds
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Powersports Dealership Compliance

Whole-Dealership Compliance for the Powersports Industry.

A properly trained and informed Compliance Manager is the best way to keep your business in compliance with federal regulations and to protect your dealership from unnecessary legal risk. Through an extensive collaboration between Steve Dodds; Garage Composites; leading compliance experts across the country; and the Attorneys of Hudson Cook, LLP, this program seeks to provide not just an understanding of the regulations a dealership is required to follow, but tools and exercises to help your business achieve and maintain compliance with federal law.

With a subscription to Powersports Dealership Compliance, you'll have access to:

  • Training for one dealership Compliance Manager
  • Compliance-related documents to share with other team members
  • Projects designed to help you create dealership policies
  • Sample forms, logs and checklists
  • A comprehensive library of compliance information all in one place
  • Bulletins as relevant changes happen

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